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Color Me Black


Now super dark color is only 20 minutes away! Color Me Black's intoxicatingly addictive fragrance and lush dark bronzers make this tanning elixir a vacation in a bottle.

All Black Everything


If you're on the quest for color, then ALL BLACK EVERYTHING is your one way ticket to destination darkness! This extreme black bronzing formula will transform your tan from boring to soaring! Black charcoal extracts coupled with coconut juice will help to detoxify, hydrate and maintain super dark results!

Super Black


This coconut juice based bronzer also contains Camu Camu Berries to assist with growth and repair of tissues and collagen formation. Sea Weed to draw toxins out of the body and Bee's wax which contains skin conditioning and healing properties.

White 2 Black Violet


You will experience darkness like never before. Formulated with more accelerators, darker DHA and antural bronzers which will allow you to go 3 shades darker instantly! Added Violet tones will help to counteract orange tones in the skin, so you develop dark, bronzed, envy worthy results every time!

White 2 Black Extreme


With White 2 Black Extreme you will experience a darkness like never before. Formulated with more accelerated and darker bronzers, you will notice the difference instantly. This products contains ALA Technology to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Black Tea Extract with strong antioxidant with atringent properties that help to reduce blemishes, Acai Oil loaded with antioxidants, and Hemp Seed Oil to saturate  your body and continually restore and replenish moisture.

Blonde Obsession


Blonde Obsession is a dark tanning maximizer tha will ensure a perfect, just from the beach tan while also keeping your sin sexy, vibrant and youthful. It's spiked with Cellulite fighting and skin firming technologies while also being gluten and oil free.



This dark tannng matte finish, BB creme, DHA free bronzer utilizes Revita Fit, Ideal Lift and Body Fit to reduce the appearance of cellulite and restores the skin's firm look.

Island Black


This worthy of worship island glow continues to develop beyond your darkest desires, ultimately reaching an unmistakable "paradise bronze."

Tanijuana Black


Tanijuana Black contains hemp seed oil and tattoo enhancers. 

Black Obsession


Black Obsession is formulated for the tanning connoisseur who has tried it all with lack-luster results. This unique formula deliver the darkest, deepest results instantly while counteracting orange tones in the skin. This 24 hour moisture blend will deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, and also help to prolong your tanning results. 

Jwoww Alternate Reality


Alternate Reality contains caffeine, black tea and wild indigo to help tone, soothe, protect and soften for undeniably smooth skin.

Get Real


This dark tan maximizer is specially designed to help prepare your skin for that perfect, more natural looking tan that you've been dreaming of. Drench yourself in a delicate bouquet of floral extract that help to hydrate and condition the skin while a rich tan enhancing blend featuring Tyrosine helps provide the perfect sun kissed glow.

Girl Boss


Snooki's Girl Boss Ultra Dark Black DD Bronzer is your dynamic do-all dream formula that raises the bronze bar with instant cosmetic bronzers and delayed bronzers or fierce, beautiful continuous color. Formulated to help diminish wrinkles and fine lines while providing a flawless, matte finish that will help you go the extra mile.



If your goal is a golden glow, then create, maintain and prolong your color with #StayGolden! This ultimate bronzer  free intensifier utilizes 4 different dark tan activators, color correctors and detoxifying agent to help you say golden!

Baby Got Black


Baby Got Black will take you from now to WOW! Super dark bronzers will allow for noticeably darker color after just one session, while the extreme skin-firming blend of sugar cane, wheat protein and caffeine will keep skin tight and toned. Super fruit antioxidants acai berry and pomegranate extract will fight free radical damage and renew skins healthy radiance.

Lil' Bit Redneck


If you are looking for smoking hot fire to take your tan to the darkest of dark, then look no further then Lil' Bit Redneck! The broiling hot browning lotion will tan you as cute as a button! Added Tattoo & Color Fade protectors and hemp seed oil provide your skin with nothing but down home luxury.

JWOWW Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer


Jwoow introduces this Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer for a dark color explosion sure to please the experienced tingle tanner! Jenni's signature skincare blend and anti-wrinkle ingredients are blended with intense levels of tingle bronzers for dark color and smooth skin.



H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer is formulated for man's skin. Low maintenance bronzers allow for an easy, ultra, even dark color every time. Avocado extracts help to counteract reddening of the skin from minor skin irritations. After tan odor eliminators allow this non-greasy formula to keep you smelling fresh.

Eye Candy


Treat yourself and your skin with this bronzing delight. 15X eye catching bronzers combine a natural bronzer with DHA to give you instant gratification and longer lasting bronze enjoyment. Guilt-free Skincare hydrates and nourishes for an extraordinarily healthy glow. No need to work out after this treat, a pinch of caffeine will invigorate and firm for beautiful, dark results. Craveable Conditioners will have everyone wondering just how you look so good.

 Tattoo Stick


SPF 50+

Face Guard


Protection for face, tattoos, face, lips, and nose. SPF 50. Oil free.

The Reach Lotion Applicator


The reach helps you to apply lotion in those hard-to-reach places.



They say "Rules are meant to be broken."When it comes to color, we broke the rules. Let Rulebreaker take your color from now to wow with this super hydrating, color correcting, long lasting bronzing formula. See our skin tightening and toning cosmetic effect while your melanin works overtime to ensure visible results and radiant color.

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